A feature film and album project starring OFF! and special guests

Watermelon is a sci-fi punk rockumentary that follows OFF! through the band’s breakup and reemergence as time-traveling, crime-fighting superheroes.

Watermelon movie poster.jpg

THE MOVIE, which began shooting in 2016, continues in Los Angeles five heartbreaking years after OFF! have disbanded. Keith's hopes of landing the girl of his dreams are crushed when diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction threatens his last chance at romance. An infomercial promising powerful long-lasting erections lures Keith down a strange path to an eccentric doctor running a Brain Development Agency.

Mind-altering medication extracted from mysterious watermelons not only restores Keith's manhood, but also gives him the ability to travel through space and time. Keith offers the drug of destiny to the rest of the group as a solution to their problems. Dimitri, Steven, Mario, and Dale find renewed faith in OFF! as the watermelon helps turn the band into hardcore heroes who can see and predict horrific events before they happen.

THE ALBUM is the soundtrack to the film, which is the vehicle through which OFF! finds musical experimentation beyond their punk roots. Taking a cue from The Beatles, who filtered creativity through the alter egos of Sgt. Pepper’s, OFF! is in full color for the first time and heavier than ever.

Help us fund Watermelon by grabbing some exclusive limited edition merchandise HERE. Huge thanks to Raymond Pettibon and Shepard Fairey for their generosity and amazing contributions to support our project.